The cover of Horror Business, featuring The Crimson Ghost.

Horror Business is the second EP released by The Misfits. It was recorded in January-February of 1979 and was released by Plan9 Records in June of the same year. These songs were originally intended for release on a 5-track Who Killed Marilyn? 12-inch EP, but the band realized they couldn't afford a run of the 12-inch and settled on this 3-track 7-inch EP instead.

Track ListingEdit

Side AEdit

  1. Horror Business

Side BEdit

  1. Teenagers from Mars
  2. Children in Heat



  • The cover of Horror Business features the first appearance of The Crimson Ghost, which would become the band's mascot, inspiring its own song on American Psyho. The Crimson Ghost is originally from the 1946 film serial The Crimson Ghost.
  • The title track features the lyrics "psycho 78" and "I'm warning you, I'll put a knife right in you" in reference to the deaths of Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen.